It's TIME to...

Succeed without the Sacrifice

The Step by Step Blueprint for Creating Your 

No-Launch, No-Hustle, Freedom Based Business!

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Do you feel OVERWHELMED with trying to find the time to work on your business & make time for your family?


Are you TIRED of WASTING TIME trying to figure it all out on your own?


Have you HAD ENOUGH with "gurus" telling you to hustle MORE, do MORE and be MORE?


Ever wish you had a step by step BLUEPRINT to take the guesswork out of reaching your success?

You're not alone

The world of "mompreneurship" can feel long, lonely and frustrating. What works so well for other entrepreneurs, doesn't always work with a "mom-life". 


It can seem impossible to keep up, like everything you're doing ISN'T WORKING. It makes you wonder if it's even possible to be a successful entrepreneur AND a good mom at the same time.


You may start to wonder if it's even worth it to keep going...

Meet Your Guide


Hey there Momma! I'm Niya and I've been an entrepreneur since 2008 and a mom entrepreneur since 2013. I've built 4 businesses from the ground up, two of which went belly-up and 2 of which have hit multiple 6-figures. I'm on a mission to end mompreneurial mayhem and I'm dedicated to making an impact on the future generation by helping moms succeed, both personally and professionally.


Make no mistake, when a mom succeeds, the family succeeds, which can change a community and ultimately, the world. BUT 

what used to work, doesn't work anymore. Trading dollars for hours, spending months on high-stress launches, blogging week after

week, and spending all day on social media is a surefire way to burnout, overwhelm and exhaustion with nothing to

show for it at the end.


If you want to succeed as a mom entrepreneur today, you MUST include leverage and passive income into your

business model.



Introducing the BizMomAcademy!

BizMomAcademy is a 6-module guided program through the new rules of "mompreneurship" and the strategies you need to build a leveraged, freedom-based business in 2018.


Remember that feeling of OVERWHELM on how to build a successful business AND be a successful mom at the same time? BizMomAcademy, I'll be your guide and mentor every step of the way. From the basics of getting your mom-life organized to the advanced strategies of funnel-building and lead generation. And you'll graduate in just 6 modules with a rockstar Freedom Flowchart for your business, that will not only bring in leads and sales on autopilot, but will also have a massive impact on your ideal clients AND your family.


I'll be personally guiding you with actionable video trainings through 6 consecutive modules:

Module 1: Getting Organized

This module is all about creating systems in your mom-life so that you always have time for yourself and your family first.

Module 2: Validate

Now, it's time find out exactly what your prospects want so that you never waste another minute building something that won't sell.

Module 3: Sell

In this module, you'll be making your first sales before you even create anything! You'll also be picking YOUR perfect sales method.

Module 4: Build

Now that you have validation of a winning offer, it's time to build out your empire, your product suite and your signature offer!

Module 5: Grow

This module will walk you through growth strategies using publicity and social media, without spending hours on it!

Module 6: Scale

And finally, in this module, you'll learn my advanced strategies on automation, outsourcing and scaling your business beyond you!

Yup, that's a lot of content. In fact, it's ALL the content! It's everything you need to get from overwhelmed and doing it ALL to bringing in passive income with ease and authenticity.


No more choosing between your business and your family.

No more guessing on what to do next and how to do it.


Just the straight-to-the-point blueprint, strategies and processes you need to succeed as a mom entrepreneur, and the personal guide who can lead you to success.

But how will you guide me through this?

The BizMomAcademy motto and commitment is simple: No BizMom Left Behind! I'm committed to getting YOU from where you are now to consistent 5-figure months and more free time to spend building the LIFESTYLE you dream of.

Weekly Guided Emails

I'll be showing up in your inbox with the release of each new module to help you navigate the lessons.

Comment Section

Have specific questions on a module or lesson? Leave a comment and I'll personally answer your questions.

Monthly Coaching Calls

Hop on our Monthly Coaching Calls exclusively for BizMomAcademy members & get specific answers.

Did someone say Bonuses?

Exclusive Done-For-You Cheatsheets

With my exclusive Done-For-You Cheatsheets, you'll learn the step-by-step strategies and best practices for everything you learn in the course, including high-converting landing pages, sample email structures, profitable webinars, building online courses, and much more!

Step by Step Process Checklists

One of the most important distinctions between a successful business and one that isn' systems and processes. Creating these systems can be a daunting task! So, to give you a leg up, I've included all of the system and process checklists that me and my team use in my own business! Follow these checklists yourself, and when you're ready, simply outsource them out to your team!

Access to Our Entire Tech Library

It's time to stop letting technology hold you back. When you join BizMomAcademy, you'll get access to entire Tech Library, including tutorial videos on email automation software, website builders, landing page builders, the Facebook Ad platform and much more! Just click where I click, and you'll be all set up!

6 Months of FULL Access to the BizMomClub Accountability Mastermind Community

Our private BizMomClub membership community is THE place to get immediate advice, support and feedback on your urgent and most pressing business AND mom-related challenges. With monthly Hot Seat Q+A's, Marketing Masterclasses and Accountability Check-Ins, there is no way you'll ever feel like you're building your business alone again!

It really is TIME...

to Succeed Without the Sacrifice!

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When you invest in BizMomAcademy, you're 100% backed by our 30-Day BizMom Goodness Guarantee. If for any reason within 30 days, you feel this Academy and our community is not right for you, just send us an email with your completed worksheets to show us you attempted the work, and we'll send you off with a refund and our best wishes!

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